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Initial touch-up included on all brow services.


You have major illness, allergies, or previous permanent makeup. 


Microblading is a method of permanent makeup designed to give clients a very natural appearing eyebrow. It is suitable for clients who want to correct their current eyebrow shape, add volume to their existing brows, and even create brows when no hair growth is present. Manual strokes are created with a microblading tool to replicate the natural growth patterns of eyebrow hairs. This method is not recommended for extremely oily skin.

3 hours @$449.00

Microblading & Shading

Microblading with shading enhancement gives the brow a fuller and more refined appearance. Recommended for oily skin and those with low hair density.

3 hours@$499.00

Powder Brows

Pigment is inserted into the skin via machine to give the effect of a soft or bold make-up brow. This look provides more structure than microblading and is especially suitable for oily skin. Color fades 20-40%. Powder Brows are an excellent alternative to microblading since they last longer and help preserve the integrity of the skin long term.

3 hours @$349

Eyebrow Correction

For brows that have faded to an unnatural color. High quality PhiBrows pigments are applied manually into the skin for correction. If microblading is desired over old tattoo, a consultation is require and treatment will be on the upper end of pricing if eligible for treatment. 


(Picture is a work in progress. Client will return for saline removal treatment on remaining orange patches.)


Lip Blush

Lip Blush can give your lips up to 30% more volume lasting 2-4 years depending on skin type and life style. This technique provides a flush of color for that "just bitten" look and helps define the lips contours. It is recommended that you exfoliate 1 week prior with something like sugar and coconut oil (or preferred method). If you are prone to cold sores, talk to your doctor about anti-viral medication options as it may help your healing go smoother. Touch-up is not included or required, but can be booked 6-8 weeks out for $50.

Book now until October for the introductory price of $250

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